Designed by Rael San Fratello Architects / Emerging Objects

The Seat Slug is a bio-morphic interpretation of a bench.

It is inspired by flabelina goddardi – the newest species of sea slugs discovered in California – and by the infinite tessalations of Japanese karakusa patterns. The seat slug blurs the lines between biology, technology and furniture and is a new twist on function and form.  It is constructed of 230 unique rapid manufactured pieces and requires assembly.

material: cement polymer
dimensions: 132” L x 42” W x 14” T
process: 3D printing

Project Date: 2011
Project Location: San Francisco, CA
Design Team: Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, Emily Licht, Nick Buccelli, Kent Wilson.
Project Information: Rael San Fratello Architects thanks the following individuals and organizations for their knowledge, support and assistance: Dr. Mark Ganter (Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department on the University of Washington), Artist Ehren Tool, Professor Richard Shaw (Berkeley), The Department of Art Practice at The University of California Berkeley, The Hellman Family Fund, Professor Claudia Ostertag (Berkeley), Luxology.