The Sawdust Screen is fabricated from 3D printed walnut and the surface retains the layering effect from the additive manufacturing process, which simulates natural wood grain. The screen is comprised of individual 3D printed wood components which are affixed together to form a variably dimensional enclosure and surface.

Pterocarpus santalinus. L Cross Section
Pterocarpus santalinus. L Cross Section

The Sawdust Screen is inspired by the vessels found in the microscopic analysis of wood anatomy in hardwoods. When viewed from the endgrain, vessels simply appear to be holes in the wood—what are commonly referred to as pores. In a live tree, vessels serve as the pipelines within the trunk, transporting sap within the tree.


In the Sawdust Screen, the vessels serve as an opportunity for visual porosity. The subtle curvature of each vessel accentuates the openings as convex or concave apertures making the screen both a visual and haptic experience.



Design: Virginia San Fratello, Ronald Rael, Molly Wagner and Victoria Leroux
Material: Walnut
Dimensions: Variable