Introducing Potterware! An intuitive design app for 3D Printing ceramics. Potterware alleviates the need to learn 3D modeling software allowing anyone to design sculptural or functional pottery. Features easy to use sliders and printable files download directly to your laptop, which allows for you to unleash your creative potential in 21st century clay! Start printing with your clay 3D printer out of the box today (currently available for the potterbot series of printers)!

Potterware is offered with unlimited downloads for educational use, commercial use, or individual use.

Price Structure:

Commercial: $700/year
Individual Non-Commercial: $199/year

Colleges & Universities: $500 / year
High Schools: $300/year
Individual Student: $99/semester

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Try it below (instructions at the bottom of the page)!

Basic Instructions:

Navigate by clicking and dragging in the window.
Zoom in and out with the magnify glass icon, two fingers, or mouse.
Refer to the scrollable feature list to the left of the model window to design.

Move the A – E sliders to control the design of the object. (Note: every change will require a few seconds to process)
Adjust the height of the object with the Height slider.
Scroll down to get fancy!

Get Fancy:

Change the pulldown List from Constant to Sinewave, Square, or Sawtooth.
Adjust the number of repetitions you want for the effect.
The amplitude slider adjusts how big you want the effect to be.
Cycle is how many layers you want the effect to happen with a given space.
A space makes a space between the effect you applied.
Give it a twist!

Want to download and print? Send us an email!

Who is using Potterware?

Smokey Hill High School
University of Oregon Ceramics
University of Texas El Paso Ceramics
Butte College Digital Art & Design
Kinnelon High School
University of California Berkeley