Cool Brick

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Evaporative cooling is the addition of water vapor into air, which causes a lowering of the temperature of the air. Before the advent of refrigeration, evaporative cooling was used for millennia. Porous ceramic vessels were used to cool water by evaporation through their walls. Frescoes from about 2500 BC show slaves fanning jars of water to … Read More


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Mission Emerging Objects is a pioneering design and research company that specializes in designing and 3D printing objects for the built environment. About Our research and designs focus on the development of innovative 3D printed objects that serve the fields of architecture, interior design, furniture design and product design. Our design research has served as … Read More

Facade Elements: Curtains

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Emerging Objects is engaged in the design and fabrication of 3d printed façade elements that will revolutionize design and construction methods towards more sustainable buildings. The façade elements that we are designing will serve to reduce the need for expensive and energy consumptive heating and air conditioning thereby reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and … Read More