Emerging Objects is a pioneering design and research company that specializes in designing and 3D printing objects for the built environment.

Our research and designs focus on the development of innovative 3D printed objects that serve the fields of architecture, interior design, furniture design and product design. Our design research has served as the foundation for our consulting projects and we work with a range of industrial partners, nonprofit foundations and creative practices.

Emerging Objects is interested in the creation of 3D printed buildings, building components and interior accessories that can be seen as sustainable, inexpensive, stronger, smarter, recyclable, customizable and perhaps even reparable to the environment. We want to 3D print long-lasting performance-based designs for the built environment using raw materials that have strength, tactility, cultural associations, relevance and beauty.

Because the inherent nature of 3D printing opens new possibilities for shaping materials, this process will reshape the way we as a society think about manufacturing and construction. Though rapid manufacturing, geometries can be created that would be impossible to create by hand or require expensive machinery to produce or reproduce. Because additive manufacturing requires no dies or molds, products can be mass-customized, employing the flexibility of computer-aided manufacturing systems, rather than mass- produced, allowing design parameters to be quick. 3D printing is also a fabrication method that minimizes waste which makes it an environmentally conscious method of manufacturing.

Founding Partners
Ronald Rael
Virginia San Fratello

Kent Wilson