Emerging Objects is engaged in the design and fabrication of 3d printed façade elements that will revolutionize design and construction methods towards more sustainable buildings. The façade elements that we are designing will serve to reduce the need for expensive and energy consumptive heating and air conditioning thereby reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and reducing the amount of pollution produced to make energy. Emerging Objects will work directly with you to calibrate our designs  for your space. Whether it’s a new space or an existing environment we will work with you to determine the necessary sizes, quantities and patterns you need to create just the right design for your walls and windows.

Pricing for façade elements is available upon request. Please contact buy@emergingobjects.com.

The Wave Curtain

The WAVE curtain is a passive solar curtain that is designed to admit the low winter sun into the building interior and restrict the direct, intense summer sun in order to help keep the interior cool. The curtain does this through the use of cylindrical tubes that vary in width and depth along the length of the window. Because the cylindrical tubes are hollow one always has access to exterior views -even when the sun is being blocked -unlike a typical shade or curtain. The curtain is 3D printed of white ABS and is recyclable.

dimensions: vary

process:  fused deposition modeling